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Terms of proper use for the Vision 2025 collaborative platform

Collective consultation platform for Réseau Entreprendre’s 2020/2025 strategic project


The objective of the Vision 2025 platform is to consult with the entire Réseau Entreprendre community in the development of Réseau Entreprendre’s 2020/2025 strategic project. The platform is available at the following address: www.vision-2025.org

This document describes the rules for accessing, participating in and using the Vision 2025 platform.

Every person who is registered on the Vision 2025 platform is considered to be a User and must therefore respect these Terms of Use. These terms may also be changed over time, based on new features of the platform and user practices.

These terms are valid starting from the activation of the user’s access code, and for the entire duration of the consultation.

Access & Interactions


The Vision 2025 platform is strictly reserved for internal use by the Réseau Entreprendre community, made up of Members, Laureates, Employees and Administrators of the 63 associations within it, in France and abroad, meaning approximately 14 000 users.

Accessing the content of the consultation platform is subject to prior identification, via a unique code for each association, provided by the Federation at the time of launch in May 2019.

Interactions & contributions

Each platform User can contribute as many times as they wish on the subjects of reflection proposed on the platform. Each platform User can comment on contributions posted on the platform. Each User also has the opportunity to like the contributions and comments posted on the platform.

Various different contribution formats are authorized: contributions, comments, liking other contributions, photos/diagrams, documents, links to videos, and proposals for actions.


The main objective of content shared by a User should be to discuss with the community on the topic of the future strategic project. Each User therefore commits to exercising humility and goodwill in their interactions with other users. The key values of Réseau Entreprendre - people first and foremost, the best interests of others, and services free of charge - remain in effect on the Vision 2025 platform.

Moderation & Promotional Content


The Vision 2025 platform will be moderated by members of the Réseau Entreprendre Federation in charge of this project.

Administrators of the platform reserve the right to delete, a posteriori, contributions or comments, in cases where these do not respect all or part of the provisions of the present Terms, or if they include inappropriate content.

Sharing commercial offers or promotions of expertise

The Vision 2025 platform is a space for contributions from entrepreneurs and employees of Réseau Entreprendre, and must be aimed towards assisting with the collective creation of the next strategic project, the objectives of Réseau Entreprendre, and the future of our work. It is not intended to serve as an advertising platform to transmit commercial offers within the network.

Administrators of the Réseau Entreprendre Vision 2025 platform reserve the right to assess the commercial or promotional nature of a message and the relevance of its publication, and, if necessary, remove it.

Any user who transmits messages that are considered to be inappropriate or constitute advertising via this channel may have their access suspended.

Transactional Messages & Notifications

Each User may receive various types of emails/notifications related to the Vision 2025 consultation process.

At any time, each User can manage their notification preferences, deactivating them if applicable, on their dashboard.


Each User may receive various types of emails/notifications related to the Vision 2025 consultation process.

At any time, each User can manage their notification preferences, deactivating them if applicable, on their dashboard.

Protection of personal data / GDPR

Your personal data (last name, first name, email address, local association) are used for internal purposes, for processing and establishing statistics for contributions to the Vision 2025 platform and user information. In accordance with the “Informatique et libertés“ law (concerning information technology, data protection and individual liberties) and “GDPR“ as of May 25, 2018, you have the right to access, modify, export or delete your data, as well as oppose and limit its processing. You can, at any moment, unsubscribe or oppose its processing: rgpd[at]reseau-entreprendre;org

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